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Supporting the Library

This site is the collaborative effort of many people affiliated with the Catholic Worker Movement: workers, scholars, archivists, writers, editors, and webmasters.

No Catholic Worker funds are used to support the work of this website.

Donations to help cover the ongoing photocopying, postage, and supply costs are appreciated and may be sent to, 5 Omar Ter, Newtonville MA 02460.



Special thanks go to Phil Runkel at the Dorothy Day-Catholic Worker Collection at the Marquette University Libraries in Milwaukee. Both his advice and tireless response to document requests are of inestimable value.

In addition special thanks is due to the following people who have offered advice and encouragement in the design of the website: Jim Allaire , Jim Forest, Anne Fullerton, Robert Ellsberg, Nancy Roberts, Anne Klejment, Mike Naughton, and Jeremy Allaire.

The following individuals have contributed their labor by preparing documents for the collection of writings by Dorothy Day: (Numbers in parentheses are number of documents prepared, ten or more.) Jim Allaire (83), Anne Fullerton (35), Brian Donahue-Lynch, Jerry Darring (103), Valerie Mills-Daly (37), Ayn Garvey, Amy Brown, Patricia Goeltz, Joanne Karetzky (50), Ken Lavin, Robert Waldrop, Barbara Lee, Margaret Gould, Heather Luna, Steve Pinto, Johannah Turner (58), Erin and Mike Messersmith, Sr. Joan Maliszewski (32), Cheryl Steiner (11), Christa Turnell, Paul Bowers (20), Ed Hoag (11), and Mary McCune (22), Joe Hinds, Michael Thiessen, Tom Dillon (14), Carla Hellwig, Sally Starks (10), Kris Caproni (14), Theresa Ross, Maryann Mueller, Maggie Hall, Teresa Mansell, Mary Blanche-Victor, Betty Gifford, Marcella Lumpp, Susan Bell, and Robin Ramon (10), Cameron Bateman, Haleigh Bolton, Nicholas Croce, Martha Duffley, Jaron Gaier, Leslie Galliker, James Grossnickle-Batterton (25), Dan Hughes, Pat Lee, Patty Maguire (18), JG McCue (12), Shafon McNeil,  Kathy Meus (10), Natalia Osias (11), Pearl Pruitt, Jon Riecke (12), Noel Rozum, Ryan Undercoffer, Sarah Weir, Malissa Winkowski (13).

Thanks to these men and women, the Library is a reality and continues to grow.

Thanks also to Eric Smith and Jeannie Kirkhope for new additions to the Peter Maurin "Easy Essay" collection.

Thanks also to Catherine Tran and Ryan Laudick for the Google map of communities.


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