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Volunteer opportunities in Catholic Worker communities

Are you looking for a life-changing experience in service to the poor on behalf of social justice? Volunteering at a Catholic Worker community is guaranteed to provide that experience.

While all Catholic Worker communities welcome volunteers to work in many capacities, those listed below are seeking the specific help indicated.

Since Catholic Worker communities vary widely in their specific work and lifestyle, please read any descriptions under contact information before contacting a community

Immediate volunteer opportunities:

A Simple Life - Bells ( TX)

Is God calling you to assist in the gentle birth of a new Catholic Worker House? Is He calling you to grow food and help others form a new agronomic university? If so, please respond by praying for A Simple Life. This new Catholic worker house is 100 years old located in Bells, Texas on 3 acres.This ministry can presently support only one experienced worker resident who is good at begging or can hold a part-time job. The catholic Worker lifestyle is simple, practicing voluntary poverty, being obedient to conscience(God and gospel), and chaste in christian virtue. The gentle birth of this house requires much labor and multi-tasking abilities of homemaking, gardening and carpentry/building skills.Living space will be evolving with growth. Volunteers are needed at every level and stage of growth.We are begging. Please send monetary gifts.

Contact information . . .

Alliance Catholic Worker - Alliance ( OH)

The Alliance Catholic Worker is looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering and living in community at the Catholic Worker house. Currently we have one full-time worker. We desire at least two additional workers to open our shelter. We are looking for a 1 year commitment, but are willing to explore this further with each individual. Our chaplain is the Most Rev. John Michael Botean, DD of the Romanian Catholic Diocese. There is much to do, so please consider joining us!

The Alliance Catholic Worker is a small mix of individuals who desire the house to develop and grow. We look forward to exploring the possibility of you becoming a part of the Alliance Catholic worker. God bless all who read and consider this call.

If interested or if you have questions, please respond to: Tomas at or (330) 913 7051.

Contact information . . .

Bethany House Rochester Catholic Worker - Rochester ( NY)

We are a Catholic Worker House of Hospitality serving homeless women and children is in need of a full-time, live-in staff person. We offer room, board, health insurance, and a stipend plus, the opportunity to live out the philosophy of Catholic Worker. If interested contact Donna Ecker at 169 St. Bridget's Dr. Rochester, NY 14605 or call (585) 454-4197. E-mail is

Contact information . . .

CAIN/Grace Place (Churches Active In Northside) - Cincinnati ( OH)

Live-In Community Members wanted: CAIN/Grace Place is a Catholic Worker transitional shelter for women and children. Founded as a Catholic Worker community in 1998, we are now a ministry of CAIN (Churches Active In Northside) which is fully committed to Catholic Worker hospitality and community. Our house is in an old racially and economically diverse neighborhood. We seek two live in volunteers to join a third. These Co-Leaders provide hospitality, stability and advocacy and are supported by a core of committed volunteers who join us in performing the works of mercy, sharing a daily faith life and living simply in solidarity with the poor. We are a safe and welcoming community for all people and are committed to acknowledging and celebrating the presence of God in every person. Live-in CoLeaders receive room/board/stipend/assistance with health insurance/vacation and scheduled time off. Our goal is to re-open and be fully operational by April 1. To learn more, please reply by Feb 15. To learn more, please reply by February 15. Call the House at 513-681-2365 or email:

Contact information . . .

Casa Colibrí - Hostotipaquillo, Jal 46440 ( Mexico)

We welcome those interested in visiting Casa Colibrí, some understanding of Spanish is needed, as well as a willingness to work and live in a rural Mexican village.

Contact information . . .

Casa de Clara - San Jose ( CA)

We are a small house of hospitality for women and children experiencing homelessness. We are looking for full-time, live-in Catholic Workers (especially women), who want to commit a year or more of their lives to this work. A commitment to non-violence, simple-living, and a faith-based life style are required. Prior community living experience is helpful.

In addition, we need weekly or monthly volunteers to help with various aspects of our work, such as our neighborhood food distribution, and cooking & cleaning at the Catholic Worker. We are also looking for those who can offer their professional services to us - mechanics, plumbers, hair stylists, dentists, etc.

Contact information . . .

Casa de Hospitalidad CW - GDL - Sector Centro, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44100. ( Mexico)

We are in need of financial support.

Contact information . . .

Casa Latina Catholic Worker - Louisville ( KY)

Looking for Spanish speaking CW volunteers for our house of hospitality.

Contact information . . .

Casa Maria Catholic Worker House - Milwaukee ( WI)

Casa Maria is pleased to announce two distinct agricultural volunteer opportunities. We are seeking a garden volunteer to take the lead in organizing and cultivating the urban gardens that surround the Milwaukee community houses. The individual would work 12-15 hours per week planting, watering, weeding, and processing produce. This opportunity is highly independent.

Additionally, there is an opening for a farm volunteer at the Casa Maria Homestead located in Watertown, WI. This is an opportunity to shadow two experienced market gardeners and be involved in the beginning of new gardens and a gleaning network. Applicants should have a great interest in food security and self- sufficient gardening/homesteading. They will work 15- 20 hours per week and have the chance for paid work on area farms.

Both volunteer roles run from early May to late October. Room and board in a community setting is included. Interested applicants can email Colleen at

Contact information . . .

Catholic Worker Community of Akron - Akron ( OH)

We are looking for full-time live-in volunteers as well as part-time volunteers.

Contact information . . .

Columbus Catholic Worker - Columbus ( OH)

We are excited to welcome others as either full or part-time Workers, including those who want to live with us in community. We welcome your input in either developing new ministries or supporting the ones we currently have! Come talk to us!

Contact information . . .

Denver Catholic Worker - Denver ( CO)

The Denver CW is again looking for live-in workers. We are especially hoping for folks (single or a married couple) who might consider a long-term commitment, as the person who has been our anchor for many years wishes to be relieved of that responsibility. A wonderful extended community shares the work of the house.

Contact information . . .

Dominican Republic Catholic Worker - Santo Domingo ( Dominican Republic)

We would love to have 1 or 2 cw volunteers come and join us, we can offer room amd board for 1 or 2 volunteers with a dominican family, my parents! That is all we can offer at this point. You will help us understand more the spirituality of Dorothy Day and how to serve the poor here IN CW SPIRIT. Contact: Felix Cepeda

Contact information . . .

Dorothy Day House CW - Berkeley ( CA)

We need volunteers to prepare and serve breakfast. Shifts begin at 5am and 6:30am Monday through Saturday.

Contact information . . .

Dorothy Day House of Hospitality - Youngstown ( OH)

Volunteers are welcome to assist with chefing, serving meals, showers, gardening, and miscellaneous tasks around the house.

Contact information . . .

Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra - Salinas ( CA)

If you would like to apply to join our community, or have questions about our life and work, please visit our website at

There are openings in our Community for these positions:
Dayroom Hospitality Coordinator
Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator

Contact information . . .

Haley House - Boston ( MA)

We are looking for 3-6 summer interns for 2014 to live in our intentional community while working in Boston’s oldest soup kitchen. Interns will be expected to work 2-3 shifts in the soup kitchen, where they will cook and share a meal with guests and fellow volunteers. Interns will also be given a secondary placement. Examples of secondary placements include our urban garden project, the McKinley Garden, our cooking class series, Take Back the Kitchen, and our pay-what-you-can meal series, Community Tables. For more information and application materials, visit our website:

Haley House is also seeking long-term live-in community members. This is a full-time commitment that includes living simply and communally with 4-9 other members while contributing primarily to the day-to-day running of the Soup Kitchen. Members spend their days engaging with guests and challenging attitudes that perpetuate suffering. For more information, visit our website:

Contact information . . .

Holy Family House - Kansas City ( MO)

Holy Family Catholic Worker House welcomes you to prayerfully consider joining our community in Kansas City, MO. We practice radical Christianity through our acts of hospitality and resistance, welcoming the stranger to stay with us and breaking bread with our neighbors. We serve seven meals weekly to street folks, shelter one family, maintain a vegetable garden, actively resist nuclear weapons production in our city, and pray together. We welcome people to begin our discernment process on April 1, 2011. Email for more information.

Contact information . . .

Jersey Shore Catholic Worker - Brick ( NJ)

Former Catholic Worker starting Catholic Worker house at the Jersey Shore. Striving for simple living and "not to be transformed outwardly by the standards of this world" (Romans 12:2), I participate with local homeless advocacy group efforts, speak about Catholic Worker ministry and offer my spare bedroom for hospitality. Like-minded folks interested in joining this faith-based ministry and witness for justice may contact

Contact information . . .

Little Flower Catholic Worker Farm - Trevilians ( VA)

Contact information . . .

Little Flower House - Denver ( CO)

I am looking for a long term commitment to birth a work of doing small things with great love.If you are interested please contact Carol at 303 377 1894 or

Contact information . . .

Loaves & Fishes Catholic Worker - Duluth ( MN)

There are currently six members of our core community and three members in formation. We can accommodate up to three more live-in volunteers and would love to explore that possibility with you! All people are welcome, and we are particularly interested in hearing from people of color and people with experience in the mental health field (Duluth is facing a severe shortage of mental health providers, which is evident in our daily work).

We live between four nearby houses in a quiet residential neighborhood just east of downtown Duluth. We welcome people of all faiths and are LGBTI- and family-friendly. We strive to balance our workload so members can pursue part-time work or school in addition to their daily commitments to the community. Decisions are made collectively and we actively study nonviolent communication to improve the quality of our relationships with each other. Room and board is covered and long-term members tithe 10% of their income back to the community. There is no stipend and we do not provide health insurance, but Minnesota has generous public plans. We ask potential new members to join us for a 3-month trial period before making a commitment.

Duluth has a thriving arts culture and tends blue-collar Left in politics. We are close to nature and blocks away from Lake Superior. That said, it does get really cold in the winter (but green and gorgeous in the summer!).

For more information, contact Joel at or 218-724-2054.

Contact information . . .

London Catholic Worker - London ( Great Britain)

Giuseppe Conlon Catholic Worker House is a hospitality house for refugees. We also run a Sunday afternoon drop-in soup kitchen, in London, UK. Volunteers and community members needed to contribute to all aspects of our life and work. We organise and take part in regular resistance activities. Contact us if interested.Farmhouse: currently a family looking for volunteers and community members. Large Farmhouse on edge of London. Help needed with all aspects of our work and mission. Contact us if interested.

Contact information . . .

Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community - Los Angeles ( CA)

Each summer mid-June through early August, the L.A. Catholic Worker extends an invitation to any adult interested in joining us for a period of six weeks during the summer. It is an opportunity to live and work with a gospel-based community, to discern one's vocation, or just simply to deepen one's social justice experience on a first hand basis. By the way, the weather here in Southern California is great too.

Contact information . . .

Lydia's House - Cincinnati ( OH)

Lydia's House is currently seeking Associate Volunteers to live in a communal setting and work alongside our women and children in crisis. We are in need of 1 - 2 summer Associates for 2015 and 1 - 2 year-long Associates who would serve from August 2015 - July 2016. We ask that all applicants for the Associates Program be at least 21 years of age. Applicants should be in good health, both mental and physical, and should demonstrate a willingness to be challenged and grow. Associates must be people of faith who desire to embrace life in a Christian community and commit to regular prayer and service. Applicants should be interested in living alongside the poor and living simply. For more information, visit our website at or contact Elizabeth at

Contact information . . .

Mary Queen of Peace House - Dayton ( OH)

Mentors with relevant industry experience who want to experience God's love in relationship with His homeless ambassadors.  

Contact information . . .

Maryhouse of Little Canada - Little Canada ( MN)

Consider contacting the Maryhouse community to volunteer your time or to participate in the community life. We are currently in need of a resident housemother.

Contact information . . .

Mustard Seed Community Farm - Ames ( IA)

We would appreciate helpers from late April to mid October, helping with farm chores and food distribution.

Contact information . . .

Nashville Greenlands - Nashville ( TN)




Nashville Greenlands is an intentional residential community devoted to urban agriculture and social justice action. We have a network of six houses we have restored in a poor neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee.

The internship will consist in working with young residents in four small service and advocacy organizations in which they have key organizing and staffing roles:

  • Nashville Greenlands - vegetable and fruit gardening and housing maintenance work at the community yards and houses - one day a week;
  • Open Table Nashville -outreach and support services to people experiencing homelessness – two days a week;
  • Workers Dignity -organizes mainly among immigrant workers to recover lost wages in cases of wage theft by unscrupulous employers – one day a week;
  • Nashville Food Project – gathers, prepares and distributes surplus food for disadvantaged communities and “food desert” neighborhoods – one day a week.

Application & Contact - Send relevant background resume and a short personal statement of your interests and motivation in applying to: Karl Meyer, Nashville Greenlands, 2407 Heiman St., Nashville, TN 37208 or Phone - 615-322-9523

Contact information . . .

New Hope CW Farm & Agronomic University - LaMotte ( IA)

Contact information . . .

New Orleans Catholic Worker - New Orleans ( LA)

We are a small community in New Orleans striving toward gospel living. Among our works, we offer hospitality to the homeless, do monthly Clarification of Thought, Bible Study and prayer, live simply, and join in other solidarity movements in and around the city. We are seeking live-in adult volunteers to join our community. To learn more, please visit our website, Contact us by email,

Contact information . . .

Norfolk Catholic Worker - Norfolk ( VA)

Looking for students on break or for full-time live-in volunteers interested in living in community with homeless people at our hospitality house, working on our soup line, prayer and Scripture study, and participating in anti-war activism. Drivers license preferable. Please contact Steve Baggarly.

Contact information . . .

Oakland Catholic Worker - Oakland ( CA)

The Oakland Catholic Worker, a hospitality house for Latin American immigrants and refugees, seeks part-time volunteers for direct services, resource development, community organizing, and public education. Spanish language skills preferred but not required.

Contact information . . .

San Diego Catholic Worker - San Diego ( CA)

The San Diego Catholic Worker, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is growing and about to open a House of Hospitality. We are looking for two or three people (a couple would be ideal) to live in the house as a focal point for the activities of the membership at large. We are hoping to find people who are familiar with the Catholic Worker way of serving the poor and building a more just society, and who have lived in a House of Hospitality or have been attached to a Catholic Worker community for some time. Ideally, volunteers should have a good working knowledge of Spanish and be available to make a commitment for at least one year. Room and board and a stipend, if necessary, will be provided. You can read about the history of the San Diego Catholic Worker and its newspaper by referring to our Website: People who are interested should address their inquiries to

Contact information . . .

Shalom Catholic Worker House - Kansas City ( KS)

We are looking for volunteers who would like to join our community for 6 months or longer. Young people are especially encouraged to consider working and living with us. Responsibilities of community members include helping with chores, attending to the needs of our homeless guests, and engaging in peace and justice activities (as much as you are comfortable with). Community members are encouraged to have a part-time job outside of the house. Benefits include getting to know some of the best and most interesting people ever--those who live in our community, those who come to volunteer with us, our homeless guests and our neighbors. Before a commitment is made, we ask those interested to come and spend a week or a weekend with us so we can discern together if a longer commitment seems right. For more information about our house, please visit or call Brad at 913-321-2206.

Contact information . . .

Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House -- Monastic - Dubuque ( IA)

We are looking for a volunteer who would like to join us in our little Monastic House - for a month - or longer. We are in need of help in maintaining the house, and working in our yard and garden. Please call Krystyna and Steven at 563-583-6790.

Contact information . . .

Slocum House - Syracuse ( NY)

Slocum House, a Catholic Worker House in Syracuse, NY, since 1975, is expanding its mission of hospitality and social justice. We are looking for live-in community people who can help move us along into the future. The house has a rich history of hospitality and social justice. Possibilities include living and work space for peace activists to work on the upstate NY anti-drone campaign; restorative justice peace circles; hospitality for those in need. Those who live in the house will take on responsibility for the house, its upkeep, finances, and day-to-day work. Interested? Give Paul Frazier a call: 315-475-2811 or 585-775-9135.

Contact information . . .

St Francis Catholic Worker - Spotsylvania ( VA)

For our ministry of hospitality and love coupled with a retreat ministry for the homeless who are longing for a stronger connection to Christ. We seek a couple and a single person approximately between ages 45 and 65 to join our faith community and work with our retreatants. We look for willing hearts to make a long term commitment to engage in all aspects of life here -- from bookkeeping, letter writing, gardening, bed making, retreat direction and faith sharing with our guests, to community prayer and a little laughter.

We take seriously the command, "Come follow me" and because of that we live a faith fulfilled life.


Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day often went on retreats, themselves. Dorothy wrote of her own retreat experiences and urged others to make retreats. "Food for the soul," she called them. Her writing clearly shows she envisioned Catholic Worker retreat houses --"... It is certainly a dream for the future." We are humbled to be part of the lying out of her dream.

Inquiries Welcome. Please contact John or Polly Mahoney, or Pumpkin, our cat, at the above address and phone.


Contact information . . .

St Francis Catholic Worker - Madison ( WI)

We are a new Catholic Worker community forming in Madison, WI. We are looking for supporters and volunteers to help build our community.

Contact information . . .

St Joseph's House of Hospitality - Rochester ( NY)

Our Catholic Worker House of Hospitality serves a hot meal daily for about 100 people. We provide hospitality year round and winter emergency shelter. We are in need of full time, live-in staff. We can provide room, board and stipend. If interested contact: Tom Malthaner at PO Box 31049, Rochester NY 14603, or call the house: 585-232-3262, email:

Contact information . . .

St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses for Homeless - Kane ( IL)

We seek distance-volunteers to open their homes to homeless vets -- of which there are 400,000 at any given time -- in revocable or irrevocable living trusts -- under our umbrella. Also, to help us compile contact information for FBCs in your part of the country, or at least, to order and to forward to us the current phone books from one or more cities in your State, so that we may compile such lists, to promote not only the St.MCW charism, but also the whole CW life-style, as well as de-centralized energy production and use, in the tradition of Peter Maurin's farming communes and workshops with Houses of Hospitality

Contact information . . .

The Mennonite Worker - Minneapolis ( MN)

The Mennonite Worker often has room for folks interested in sharing in our work. To find our more, visit

Contact information . . .

The Open Door Community - Atlanta ( GA)

If you are interested in volunteering at the Open Door Community, we ask you to read some of the articles that you can access at this link:

We hope that our volunteers walk with us as we together seek God’s Beloved Community on earth through service to our sisters and brothers who are oppressed. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer community service opportunities whether required by a school or a government agency. If you need to fulfill such a requirement, we suggest the organizations at this link:

To find out how you can participate as a volunteer at the Open Door, please call Sarah Humphrey, Volunteer Coordinator, at 404-874-9652 Ext 101 or email

Contact information . . .

Trinity Hills - Rogersville ( MO)

We are always in need of volunteers and workers.

Contact information . . .

Uganda Catholic Worker Community - Kampala ( Uganda)

We are always looking for full time live-in international volunteers who would like to join our serve with us for 6 months or longer.
The young people are very much encouraged to consider serving and living with us. Ideally, all volunteers should have a good working knowledge of the catholic worker principles including voluntary poverty and MUST be able to speak English.
International volunteers living here with us are asked to contribute a small monthly contribution of $150 to take care of meals and basic incidental expenses. Room and Board is provided free.
Volunteer responsibilities include among others: helping with chores, collecting & distribution of Clothes, working with orphanages, attending to the needs of our homeless groups, carrying out evangelical out reaches, prayer and Scripture study, engaging in peace and justice activities ETC.
The Uganda Catholic Worker is ready to help international Volunteers applying with us with visa support papers for smooth Visa application. Please contact MICHAEL at

Contact information . . .

Winona Catholic Worker - Winona ( MN)

We are seeking live-in community members to share in intentional community and the works of mercy. If you are a light-hearted, compassionate, spiritually grounded person you might enjoy sharing your life with the poor in our small, family style houses of hopsitality. Winona is a small city in southeastern Minnesota, located between the Mississippi River and its bluffs. The scenic beauty of the area helps to strengthen our awareness of rural life and farming issues, while maintaining a global justice perspective. If you are interested, please contact us by phone at 507.454.8094, or email at, or by our PO Box 102, Winona, MN 55987.

Contact information . . .

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