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Catholic Worker Communities today

The vitality of The Catholic Worker Movement today is best seen in the life and work of over 217 communities worldwide.

This section includes a directory of houses, stories of hospitality, the works of mercy, and actions of protest and resistance.

Visit individual community websites and consider volunteering at a house.

On Pilgrimage . . . Today

Friday February 21, 2020

The stories posted here are living instances of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in the Catholic Worker Movement today.

A Different Intersection of Church and Politics    04/30/12
Loren Hart's journey from Occupy Wall Street protester to joining the NY Catholic Worker.

St Joseph House (New York, NY)

Homeless enablers -- and proud of it    04/15/12
We are homeless enablers, and we are proud to provide the essentials that enable the homeless to stay alive.

Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community (Los Angeles, CA)

Report on Holy Week Faith and Resistance Retreat    04/09/12
Eleven Arrested at the Pentagon Good Friday Witness & Report on Holy Week Faith and Resistance Retreat.

Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House (Washington, DC)

A Holy Week reminder of finding Christ in the poor    04/05/12
As anybody who is familiar with the Catholic Worker movement knows, Catholic Worker houses are normally a hodgepodge of things -- a place where a community of people responds to the needs of those around them in any number of ways.

Des Moines Catholic Worker (Des Moines, IA)

Catholic Worker Vigil at Watford Army Recruitment Centre    03/28/12
The Catholic Worker sustained a two year campaign of weekly vigils and nonviolent direct action against the Army Showroom until its recent closure.

London Catholic Worker (London, XX)

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