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Trinity Hills

Trinity Hills

Trinity Hills
689 South Farm Road 253
Rogersville MO 65742-9397

Phone: 417-753-7758


Trinity Hills Home Page

A house and farm for service, hospitality and lay formation.

No two Catholic Worker houses are the same. Trinity Hills is unique in being sponsored by a Catholic Diocese. Located on 114 acres of hills, forest, prairie and river-lands, our primary works are: the Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration, providing hospitality for homeless persons who are particular vulnerable, producing food for the hungry (11,000 eggs donated thus far), and running retreats for groups and families.

We teach and practice Care for Creation and "natural family farming" as we sometimes jokingly call it. We have a herd of ancient Jacob sheep as well as goats and chickens. Animals have been reduced to factory machinery by factory farming; our goal is to have animals that maintain their God-given nature while producing food for those we serve.

Volunteers needed:
We are always in need of volunteers and workers.

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