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Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House -- Monastic

Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House -- Monastic

Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House -- Monastic
725 Hennepin Street
Dubuque IA 52001

Phone: (563) 583-6790


a Library of books and films in a House of Silence, which provides environment for inner work towards learning living, within ourselves, in deep communion with God; and then living it and acting it out as a way of Love. Repentance, prayer, Knowledge, healing. Simple, of old way, life in the House, and learning it. Also, variety of service to the victims of the system. The purpose of this House is to further the aims and goals of the Catholic Worker movement as expressed by Dorothy Day and, particularly, as expressed by Peter Maurin; to join in works and efforts of the newly established, in 2004, New Monasticism movement; please check; to follow in footsteps of the Madonna Houses, founded by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, and as expressed by her in the book "Pustinia"; to learn about and draw from, and follow, the examples of the other deeply rooted in God spiritual/religious monastic or life communities like the ancient Essenes, the Bruderhof, or Amish and Hutterites; and, on the side of all those above combined, to form one unique small monastic community as a response to God's call toward all people for repentance and conversion, and then for living a way of love, which will bring fruits of truth, justice, and peace. The commitment and effort toward learning God's Law; and toward learning God's Ways; both as oppose to secular, that is "world's" law, and secular, that is "world's" ways; is the major goal and aim and purpose of this House. ...just established; still in process of organizing; official Open House date: December 8, 2009. In October 2009 we bought a small house in Dubuque, Iowa, and moved our library and household from Rockville, Maryland. We need donations to help with tremendous expenses we coped with; but also to begin our mission. To put the library up on shelves and to continue preparing the house we hope to be having already a person living with us; a person who is interested in the above described mission. We are waiting for contacts from you. Please call us to further inquire about the situation; and come and visit. We have no computer , therefore we are unable to check e-mail, so the best way for you is to call us. The address and phone number are: 725 Hennepin Street, Dubuque, Iowa, 52001; 563-583-6790. Love, Krystyna and Steven. If you would like to send a donation, please make it out to Simone Weil and Peter Maurin House-Monastic

Volunteers needed:
We are looking for a volunteer who would like to join us in our little Monastic House - for a month - or longer. We are in need of help in maintaining the house, and working in our yard and garden. Please call Krystyna and Steven at 563-583-6790.

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