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Detailed information about a community
A Simple Life

A Simple Life

A Simple Life

Bells TX 75414

Phone: 903-965-9862

Volunteers needed:
Is God calling you to assist in the gentle birth of a new Catholic Worker House? Is He calling you to grow food and help others form a new agronomic university? If so, please respond by praying for A Simple Life. This new Catholic worker house is 100 years old located in Bells, Texas on 3 acres.This ministry can presently support only one experienced worker resident who is good at begging or can hold a part-time job. The catholic Worker lifestyle is simple, practicing voluntary poverty, being obedient to conscience(God and gospel), and chaste in christian virtue. The gentle birth of this house requires much labor and multi-tasking abilities of homemaking, gardening and carpentry/building skills.Living space will be evolving with growth. Volunteers are needed at every level and stage of growth.We are begging. Please send monetary gifts.

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